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We are a Year 3 class and the adults working with us are Mrs Wright, Mrs West, Mrs Waters, Mrs Cavallari, Mrs Anand and Mrs Machado.


1st July 2022

This week saw us say goodbye to Max. We will miss him massively but we wish him all the best in his new home and school.

Wednesday saw us practise our Sports day ahead of next week. We all really enjoyed the different activities and look forward to showing you our skills next week.

In R.E. we have finished our unit on Pentecost and are able to understand stories around the event, the importance of the Pentecost on the actions of the disciples and the birth of the church as we know it today. We are looking forward to studying Islam next week as we delve into the similarities and differences between faiths.

In English, we have been working really hard to write a story from the viewpoint of a character. Some of us are writing our story as though we are Charlotte from Charlotte’s web and some as Templeton the grumpy rat from Charlotte’s web. We have enjoyed exploring how the different characters would react in different situations.

We continued our Geography topic on migration by looking at economic migration. We are enjoying exploring this subject as we become more and more aware of the fact that so many of our families migrated to the U.K. Next week we will be looking into refugees and how they differ to economic migrants.

We continued our Art project on fruit inspired clay tiles by creating our final clay tile. We had to choose the area we wanted to recreate and make a square tile of clay. We had to ensure that we thought carefully about the skills and lessons learnt when we made our practise tile. We made sure that we rolled the clay to the correct thickness using a guide. We then cut the tile to make sure it was a square shape again using a guide. After that, we used a variety of different tools to create the required texture on our tiles.

In computing we started our topic on branching databases by considering how to divide groups of objects using questions. We enjoyed playing a class game of Guess Who which began to help us see which questions are better than others for helping us to sort objects.  


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