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The children in St Rose Class are in Year 1 and Year 2

The adults who work in our class are Mrs Williams, Mrs Jones, Mrs Harris, Mrs Tietmar and Mrs Waters


St Rose Class Blog

Friday 1st July 2022

We have had a great week limbering up for Sports Day. We have enjoyed practising for all the events including Speedy Shuttles, Domes and Dishes, Jack and Jill, Slalom Dribble and the traditional Sack Race! We are looking forward to seeing our friends and family come to support us all next week!

In Maths this week, Year 2 have been exploring turns and movement and have started to make links between fractions, time and turns which is very clever indeed. Year 1 children have been comparing numbers as well as ordering numbers and exploring tens and ones which has been fantastic!

In Literacy, we have continued to work on our instruction writing and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing ambiguous instructions. A great quote this week was heard, “Follow the path to nowhere but do not look back for the wolves can not be trusted”. We all thought that Neil Gaiman would be proud of this imperative sentence! The children have drawn exquisite maps to help them with writing their version of instructions within a narrative and we can’t wait to read the results with our friends in Lima class.

In RE this week, we explored Pentecost and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives today. We role-played the story of Pentecost and then wrote speech bubbles to help describe how the disciples felt at each point of the story. 

In Geography, we have continued to learn about frogs and their habitats. We learned that ponds with sloping slides or rocks make for good habitats. We also learned that in order to help camouflage common frogs, placing twigs, branches and leaves around the pond helps to protect them from predators. This lesson may well have inspired children to start digging up their gardens this weekend so please beware!


Friday 17th June 2022

 St Rose Class continue to impress us with their thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.

Year 2 children have measured length, compared length and drawn on skills of the four operations to apply their understanding of length to answer more complex questions. We also measured 1m against ourselves to find out where on our bodies 1m reaches which helped us to estimate the lengths of our classroom, the hall and the corridor. 

Year 1 children have been hard at work in Maths focussing on fractions of half and quarter. They are doing very well indeed on such a tricky concept.

We have continued to explore our wonderful book “Instructions” by Neil Gaiman. This week we focussed on vocabulary and inference. We drew a story map to appreciate the journey through the book which helped us to share ideas and discuss interesting features.

In PE this week we focussed on our unit theme, “Run, Catch, Throw”. We played the treasure game using beanbags, balls, batons and cones in which we had to find the best way to travel with these objects to our home team area. The children worked well as two teams and listened to each other. They also showed good sportsmanship. 

In Computing this week, we learned about digital footprints. We learned what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to share online. We used Purplemash to complete a quiz on Online Safety at which the children excelled. Well done!

The children continue to read very well indeed and certainly enjoy our Guided Reading lessons as well as our precious story time towards the end of the day. Many thanks for your continued support in listening to reading every day. This effort is paying dividends!

Friday 10th June 2022

We have had a great week back after a rested half term. The children have really matured over this academic year and this was very noticeable this week as they set to work with a real sense of purpose and commitment.

We all enjoyed our whole school Mass celebrating Pentecost with Father Michael on Wednesday. Two children from St Rose were chosen by Father Michael to play the paper and wind game to show that the Holy Spirit is always with us, even though we can not see this precious gift from God.

We finished our wonderful printed houses this week and were able to display them in the classroom. The classroom looked so bright and colourful!

Year 1 and 2 have been working hard on fractions this week in Maths. Year 1 have been looking at quarters whilst Year 2 have been exploring numerators, denominators, unit and non-unit fractions.

We began to read our inspiring book “Instructions” by Neil Gaiman. We found ourselves linking our reading with other books and stories including a very clever link between the three princesses in the castle in “Instructions” with a story which we read at the end of the day called “The Frog Prince”. Ask your child about this one!

We finished our Science topic on Terrific Trees this week by looking at the seeds of trees. We sang a hilarious song about seeds and also created our own sorting rings using photographs of a variety of seeds such as Cherry, Sycamore and Horse Chestnut.

We have now finalised our PE day which will be every Tuesday afternoon this term. 

So, a little reminder!

Mondays - Year 2 spellings, Library books, Year 2 homework

Tuesdays - PE

Every day - Reading book with Reading Record book    




Summer 1 - Reading Words Year 1

Please ensure that your child is able to decode and blend the words on the reading worksheet given by Miss Zhang

Summer 2 - Spellings Year 2

Spellings tests will be completed every Monday

New spellings will be issued every Monday

Summer Term 2 - Year 2 Homework

Homework will be set every Monday and will need to be handed in the following Monday

Please encourage your child to complete the homework independently 

Summer Term 2 - Curriculum Overview

Recommended Reading List



Library Day: Our weekly visit to our wonderful library is Mondays. Please return you library book on this day to get a fantastic new read!

Please follow the link to watch a video example of a reader showing a great level of fluency.

The reader is able to demonstrate the following objectives:

Reads accurately most words of two syllables or more.

Reads most words containing common suffixes.

Reads most common exception words.

Reads at a good pace and rhythm.

Reads with understanding which is evidenced by the linguistic prosody. 


The child was given a reading book for a week and read the book three times over within the week.

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