St Martin’s Catholic Primary School Staff List

Academic Year 2018 – 2019

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Kirwan  Head of St Martin’s

Lead Designated Officer


 Mr L Silk Assistant Head of St Martin’s Designated Officer
Mrs C Jenkins SENCO Designated Officer
Mrs J Campbell School Business Manager of The Federation of St Anne’s & St Martin’s

Teaching Staff

Mrs J Williams Class Teacher Reception -Lima Class
Mrs J Street Class Teacher Reception  -Lima Class
Mr J Bays Class Teacher Class 1  –  Rose Class
Mrs A Grindlay Class Teacher Class 2 –  St John’s Class
Mrs C Dingley 

Mrs Tilling

Class Teacher Class 3 – Gregory Class
Miss T Haines Class Teacher Class 4 – Dominic Class
Mr L Silk Class Teacher   Key Stage 2 leader – PE Leader Class 5 – De Porres Class
Mrs D West Higher Level Teaching Assistant & Catholic religion co-ordinator
Mrs C Morland Early Years Practitioner
Mrs M Anand Teaching Assistant /HLTA
Mrs K Caiger Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Cavallari Teaching Assistant ( mornings only )
Mrs D George Teaching Assistant
Mrs D McKenna Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Ritchie Teaching Assistant/ ELSA Support
Mrs E Rowe Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Waters Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Harvey 1:1 SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Manson 1:1 SEN Teaching Assistant (mornings only)
Mrs M Machado 1:1 SEN lunchtime controller
Mrs F Duncan Finance & Administrative Assistant
Mr M Eagles School Caretaker of The Federation of St Anne’s & St Martin’s