The School Nurse visits the school and every child will have a health interview with the Nurse in his/her first year at school. The Nurse also carries out a hearing screening and will refer the child to their doctor if further testing is necessary. An Optometrist also visits the school to check the eyes of children who are starting school.

Medicines in school

If a child needs medication during the school day, parents are normally expected to administer this themselves. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to administer medicines, but only if they have been prescribed by a doctor (ie – not “over the counter medications”). You will need to complete a special form authorising us to administer prescription medications.

If your child suffers from asthma, you should ask your GP for an additional inhaler to be kept in school. This is kept securely in the classroom so that it is always available. We will also take it with us if your child is offsite on a school trip or visit. Similar arrangements apply for other long term medications.

Please inform us if your child suffers from any allergies/conditions, so that appropriate arrangements can be made. If your child has an Epipen, this will be kept in a secure but immediately accessible location along with their care plan. Training will be provided for staff each year.

Injuries at school

First aid for minor injuries (grazes, bumps etc.) will be provided in school. Parents will be informed of any head injury, even if the child does not need to go home, as there is a possibility that complications may arise later in the day. We will contact parents immediately if the child needs to go to the Accident & Emergency Department of the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Please ensure that your contact details are always up to date. We aim to ensure that as many staff as possible are trained in First Aid and training is updated regularly.