The National Curriculum for both primary and secondary schools has been revised and the new version came into effect in September 2014.

A copy of the new national curriculum document is attached below:




In addition to the curriculum provision detailed, each year group has individual curriculum map links on their respective class pages.



Our Reception Class represents the Foundation Stage in our school, following on from your child’s pre-school or Nursery. In line with Government guidelines and best practice, our Foundation Stage curriculum is less formal than the work in the rest of the school. Learning is frequently child-centred and experiential (“learning by doing”).

Sometimes parents are a little worried that “all they seem to do is play” but while it may look like this on the surface, the activities are carefully planned to ensure that well-structured learning is taking place! Staff monitor children’s learning closely; the children’s Learning Journey files are updated regularly and these are shared with parents.





RE & Worship


For the teaching of Religious Education we use the “Learning and Growing as the People of God” Scheme of Work devised by the Diocese of Birmingham for use in all schools throughout the Diocese.

Acts of collective worship take place each day. This may be as a whole school, in key stages or in classes. Masses and particular celebrations mark the rhythm of the Liturgical Year.

We pray using a range of well-known traditional prayers as well as less familiar published prayers and prayers written by staff and pupils.

Some worship is led by adults, but we encourage children to take an active part in planning and leading worship, according to their age and experience.

Children have the right to be withdrawn from worship at their parents’ request. Any such requests should be made to the Headteacher.


Personal Development & Relationships

We recognise that God is our Creator and his love for use as individuals is central to everything. Sex education is part of our curriculum and is introduced at times and in a context that is relevant to the age and maturity of the child.

Our aim is to enhance personal growth and the promotion of sound personal relationships within an atmosphere of Christian love. In Year 6 this is taught as sex education and the school nurse assists us. Parents are informed by letter and are invited to view any resources used.

Education in Personal Relationships Jan 19 federation of St Anne’s and St Martin’s