Welcome to St John’s Class


Our class is made up of 6 Year Two and 20 Year Three children.

Our grown-ups are Mrs Grindlay,

Mrs Cavallari and Mrs West.

Class Information

Exciting Events and Weekly News


ActiveLearnPrimary   Log in details can be found in your child’s literacy homework book.  More information can be found in the Reading & Grammar page below.

What we have been doing this week:

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our school trip to Butser Ancient Farm and have engaged in Stone Age activities such as clunching, wattling, pottery and archaeology.  A big thank you to all our wonderful parent volunteers and two Mrs Ring and Mr Sanashee for accompanying us on this occasion The class have had fun completing their Stone Age tools and have realised just how time-consuming and difficult it must have been for our ancestors. They have discussed how some people in the world still live a nomadic, hunting and gathering lifestyle and how the way we live our lives can impact people thousands of miles away. Please look in our gallery page for photographs of all the activities.

General Information

Home to School Book

Each child has a Home to School Book which eases the two-way communication between parents and our Staff. We use a child’s book to make parents aware of any specific events that have happened during any session or to make our staff aware of any events (good or bad!) that may have happened at home.

We believe in working in a strong partnership with our children’s parents and carers many of whom cannot always be at school for drop-off and pick-up. This book will enable daily contact with the teacher if desired.  An example of this communication may be a note telling the teacher that a child is going home with another pupil etc.  If you have entered a note into the book please make your child aware so that they can hand the book to the teacher at the beginning of the day.

Any absences, requests for a holiday or medicinal issues must still go through the school office.


Reading Records

If your child is in Year 3 they will have received a green KS2 reading record. If your child is in Year 2 they will have a yellow KS1 reading record.  This will still need to be completed either by the parent or the child to show any reading that has taken place – on a daily basis where possible.  If your child has read a particularly enjoyable book, we have book review templates here in school that they could complete and we will then display them in the classroom for other pupils to read. A link to this document is attached. KS2 Book Review Template

Class Timetable 2019

TIMETABLE 2019 Website Version

Spring Term Reading Competition Winners!  It was fantastic this term to see so many more children taking part in our reading competition.  The winners read an impressive 5 times a week for 11 weeks in total so a huge congratulations to Alex, Ines and Ava.  The runners up this term with 10 weeks were Liam, Katy and Lila.  They each had a choice of books to take home with them.  

Autumn Term Reading Competition Winners! Congratulations to all participants who took part in our termly reading competition. It was a close race and I am pleased to announce that the winner was awarded a fantastic stack of new releases. Joint second place winners also received a book each and all participants were given a coveted St Martin’s bookmark.  Well Done to everyone who took part and I hope that we see many more entering during 2019. Parents – please make sure that you sign your child’s reading record otherwise the reading total cannot be approved and won’t count. Reading does not have to be the school reading books, all reading counts.

Parent Volunteers Required: We are currently looking for parent volunteers to help come into the class for an hour once or twice a week to help with individual reading.  If this is something that you would be interested in, please let us know.


Ordering the timeline of medicine


Investigating viscosity of liquids

Making bath bombs for our ‘Potions’ topic

Having fun acting out the story of Romulus and Remus


Look at our lovely potion bottles


Ready for battle!

Our Beautiful Roman Mosaics

Mountain Art created with watercolours, pastels and wax crayons


Science Fun – Learning about plants


Exploring how to survive as Mesolithic Hunter-Gatherers

Designing and making tools for a purpose

BUTSER ANCIENT FARM School Trip May 2019


Inspired Home Learning PREDATORS

Inspired Home Learning I AM WARRIOR



Our Mythical Stories – Spring 1


A small selection of our wonderful shape poems based on MISTY MOUNTAIN SIERRA.


Inspired Home Learning – MISTY MOUNTAIN SIERRA




Curriculum Termly Overview

St John’s Class Curriculum Plan

St John’s Class Curriculum Plan Autumn 2

St John’s Class Curriculum Plan Spring 1

St John’s Class Curriculum Plan Spring 2

St John’s Class Curriculum Plan Summer 1


Parent Information

Termly Topic Homework Grid

Topic homework is a fantastic opportunity for parents to actively engage with their child/children’s learning.  Unlike the weekly maths and literacy homework, parents are actively encouraged to participate. By working together to create something wonderful it can not only increases their understanding of the topic but can also provide an opportunity to have quality time together which has been shown to be a key way of building your child/children’s self- confidence both in and out of the classroom.

Roman Topic Homework

Topic Homework Spring Term 2



Year 2 Maths Homework 

Learn Its number facts

CLIC Autumn 2

CLIC- Spring 1 – Please continue to learn these LearnIts during Spring Term 2

CLIC  this term will focus on areas for development, taken from class work.


The Parents’ Guide to Y2 maths 2016


Homework will be sent home on Wednesdays and is due to be returned to class on the following Monday at the latest. Your child will also bring home a copy of their homework in their homework book.

Your child may occasionally,  bring home homework that is tailored for their particular need.  Any additional copies of these are available from the class teacher.  

Homework links are provided for homework that is issued to the whole class.

Year 2 Maths Homework Group 1 & 2 – Week 2 Year 2 Maths Homework Group 3 Week 2

Year 2 Homework Group 1 & 2 Summer 1 Week 3 Year 2 Homework Summer 1 Group 3

There will be no maths homework in week 4 as the children are working hard for SATs

Year 3 Maths Homework


Homework – Fraction Fun – 27.2.19

Fractions Homework – 6.3.19

Year 3 Tables Practice Homework Sheet – 20.3.19  (also already in books)

Year 3 Tables Practice Homework Sheet – 27.3.19  (also in books)

17.5.19. –  Year 3 Children have been given Maths Homework on sheets.  These are not due in until Friday 24th May.  

There will be no Homework during Half-Term.




Spelling & Literacy Homework




Holiday Homework for St John’s Class – Please read any book, fiction or non-fiction and write a review from the template on the homepage.  Be prepared to present them to the class next term. The work will be displayed in our book corner.

Summer Term 1 – Literacy homework will not be issued weekly this half term.  The main focus for literacy homework should be on the two compulsory tasks chosen from the Topic Homework Grid.  The children should complete these tasks as though they were in class. We will be expecting neat and legible handwriting, with accurate spellings and including all the punctuation and suffixes, as taught so far this year.

Literacy Homework Helper eBook


Half Term Homework Summer 1 – All children are asked to read a book and complete the attached review.  This must be done neatly and fully completed.  This task supports their guided reading which takes place in school.

My Book Review Frame KS2


Weekly Spellings 

Please ensure that your child has their spelling books in school on Mondays so that we can issue their new weekly spelling sheets.  They will also need their books on Fridays to take the spelling test. Please make sure that your child practises their spellings.  Although they have some time in school to do this, it is essential that they consolidate their learning during the week at home.

Year 2 Spelling Term 3A Overview Year 3 Term 3A Overview

Spellings Summer Term 1 Week 1

Spellings Summer Term 1 Week 2

Spellings Summer Term 1 Week 3

Spellings Summer Term 1 Week 4

Spellings Summer Term 1 Week 5





Reading & Grammar

Don’t forget to use your www.Activelearnprimary.co.uk log in and complete the tasks set by your teacher. Log in details will be sent home on Friday 12th January 2018

Bug Club Letter


KS2 SPAG Glossary

Year Two Grammar Glossary



Reading with your child is vital. Research shows that it’s the single most important thing you can do to help your child’s education. It’s best to read little and often, so try to put aside some time for it every day.

Think of ways to make reading fun – you want your child to learn how pleasurable books can be. If you’re both enjoying talking about the content of a particular page, linger over it for as long as you like.

Books aren’t just about reading the words on the page, they can also present new ideas and topics for you and your child to discuss. Think about books that will engage your child, perhaps related to their hobbies or particular areas of interest. For more ideas and example questions to ask your child when reading together, click on the document below.

Reading with your child prompts


Recommendations for reading books can be found at the links below. 

Reading List Link Recommended Books
Year 2  Recommended Reading List Year 2 Recommended books for Year 2
Year 3 Recommended Reading List Year Three Recommended books for Year 3




Mrs Grindlay’s Favourite Book of the Month for May is: 

Image result for image of hercufleas by sam gayton


For more information and blurb check out the book review in St John’s Class or click HERE.  Why not let everyone know what you have been reading this month? Fill in a review and spread the word.

Previous Recommendations


jacket, The Hippo at the End of the Hall


Mossbelly MacFearsome and the Dwarves of Doom


The Abominables



When the Mountains Roared